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At Hera Health Care, we understand the vital role hormones play in your overall well-being, and we are dedicated to providing safe and effective solutions to help you restore hormonal balance and optimize your health. Led by Dr. Mirela Cernaianu, a trusted expert in women's wellness, our practice combines advanced medical knowledge with a holistic approach to deliver personalized hormone therapy plans tailored to your unique needs. Whether you're seeking relief from menopausal symptoms, improved energy and vitality, or enhanced emotional well-being, Hera Health Care is here to offer the cleanest and safest hormone treatment plan, individualized especially for you.

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Why HRT?

Some women go through menopause like it’s a walk in the park, with only a few mild hot flashes. Others have such severe hot flashes, depression, and loss of brain power that they struggle to make it through the day. Dr. Mirela Cernaianu at Hera Health Care offers hormone replacement therapy that safely relieves all of your symptoms by restoring normal hormone levels. If you think you need hormone replacement therapy, contact her office in the Westlake Village area of Thousand Oaks, California, or schedule an appointment online.

When Do Women Reach Menopause?

Levels of estrogen begin to decline during perimenopause, which occurs in the three to five years before menopause. During this time, menstrual periods often become irregular, with longer or shorter menstrual cycles and lighter or heavier blood flow. Menstrual periods stop when estrogen production finally drops to a permanently low level.

When you haven’t had a period for twelve consecutive months, you’re at menopause. The average age of menopause is 51, but the timing is different for each woman.

What Are Menopause Symptoms?

Menopause symptoms often begin during perimenopause and continue for years after menopause. You may experience any or all of these symptoms:

  • Hot flashes and night sweats.
  • Vaginal dryness.
  • Vaginal atrophy.
  • Painful intercourse.
  • Low sex drive.
  • Difficulty sleeping.
  • Fatigue.
  • Depression and irritability.
  • Poor memory and lack of focus.
  • Weight gain or difficulty losing weight.
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Types of Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) relieves symptoms and prevents the health conditions associated with menopause by replenishing estrogen, testosterone, and/or progesterone. The type of hormone therapy that's best for you depends on factors such as your age, overall health, and medical history. Hormones used for HRT may be synthetic or bioidentical, which have the same molecular structure as the hormones naturally produced by the body. Here are some common forms of hormone replacement therapy:


  • Oral pills
  • Transdermal gel
  • Patch
  • Pellet
  • Compounded topical cream
  • Vaginal creams, rings, or suppositories


  • Oral pills
  • Compounded capsule
  • Compounded transdermal cream

Testosterone (for men):

  • Topical gel
  • Pellet
  • Compounded transdermal cream
  • Injectable

What is Pellet Therapy (and SottoPelle)?

Pellet therapy refers to a type of HRT in which the hormones are placed into a pellet about the size of a grain of rice. Dr. C. injects the pellet under the skin on your hip. It lasts for three to four months, continuously releasing the hormones needed to maintain a steady level in your bloodstream.
SottoPelle is a brand of pellets offered by Dr. C. that contains low-dose, bio-identical hormones. The pellets are customized to provide the precise amount of hormones needed to restore hormone levels back to normal.

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