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What is NAD+?

NAD+, also known as Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide, is found in every living cell in the body. NAD+ works on mitochondria and increases the length of telomeres, which are located on the ends of your chromosomes and become shorter as we age. 

NAD increases the activity of SIRT1 and PARP1 proteins, which are directly linked with both a slower rate of aging and influencing DNA repair.

NAD+ plays 2 key roles:

  • Powering your metabolism (turning nutrients into energy) via mitochondria
  • Regulating DNA Repair (essential for cell vitality, survival, and cancer prevention) and controlling cell damaging oxidation

What are the benefits of NAD+ ?:

​Infusing your body with NAD+ via an IV drip is the only way to ensure that you receive 100% bioavailability from the molecule. This allows your body to absorb the highest possible supplemental coenzymes and convert them into molecular energy.

IV therapy with NAD+ is the safest and most efficient way of supplementing the coenzyme in your body. Benefits of therapy include:

  • Increases in energy
  • Reduction of internal inflammation
  • Metabolism boost
  • Slows cognitive decline
  • Promotes healthy brain function
  • Fights chronic fatigue
  • Regenerates cells
  • Slows aging
  • Elevates mood
  • Detoxifying

Why should we try NAD+?

As we age, NAD+ levels decrease substantially, reducing metabolic function and cellular repair. This can cause neurological degeneration, declining cardiovascular function, and impairment of the body’s ability for cellular repair.

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NAD+ can increase energy levels and put a spring back in your step again! When administered intravenously, it helps provide energy making capability directly to your body’s cells on a molecular level that can be noticeable especially if you are suffering from a chronic illness, fatigue or viral attack.

NAD+ also contributes to a healthy metabolism, which is a key part of dealing with weight management and blood sugar issues.

NAD+ also can elevate mood and alter symptoms of depression and anxiety. Studies suggest that NAD+ IV therapy can help to offset fatigue, which can often lead to depression symptoms.

NAD+ is linked with ATP production in the brain, where it is used to create beneficial neurochemicals. Anxiety reduces levels of NAD+ in the brain, as well as hormones such as serotonin that help regulate mood. People who supplement with NAD+ IV Therapy are able to produce normal amounts of good neurochemicals even when they are stressed out or experiencing anxiety, which can thus improve their symptoms.

NAD+ Therapy is also used as a natural treatment for fighting addiction because of its ability to facilitate cellular repair functions.

There is recent growing evidence that this potent molecule minimizes cravings, including those triggered by drug and alcohol withdrawal. NAD+ is currently considered by many medical professionals to be a more natural detox option when compared with available prescription medications. As a detoxifier, NAD+ supplies the brain with natural and therapeutic coenzymes, which can then flush out drugs that are stored in bodily organs. 

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This treatment is just one of the many anti-aging, immune-enhancing, and metabolism-boosting solutions provided by Hera Healthcare in our Westlake Village CA office.

To learn more about our innovative services and how they can help you lead a more active and healthy lifestyle, call us today at 805-379-9110.


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