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Immune system support recommendations to decrease risk for COVID-19 illness

It is common knowledge that many of the people that have fallen sick due to Covid-19 are people with chronic illness, the elderly, in general people who have a weak immune system. Strengthening our immune system is crucial to allow for a normal response and protection from different viral, bacterial, or parasites that we constantly come in contact with in our day to day lives.

Let’s talk about actions that can weaken the immune system, which we should avoid doing or avoid indulging in:

– Alcohol: drinking alcohol, especially binge drinking.

– Tobacco: smoking or vaping. Any type of chronic tobacco use including chewing tobacco or nicotine products will weaken the cellular immune response to many viruses like HPV, Epstein bar, shingles, Etc.

– Poor Sleep: not getting enough rest or sleeping poorly. The body needs to reset and heal itself as well as strengthen its immune defense which can only happen during our mandatory 7-hour sleep. If you have issues sleeping please talk to your healthcare professional about what can you do to get a better sleep.

– Diet: eating a non-healthy diet that is rich in sugar or prepackaged food products. 

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Hygiene: not maintaining common sense good hygiene practices. That does not endanger you as much if your immune system is normal, as it does endanger your loved ones who may not be as strong as you, but who come in contact with you daily.

Stress: it is probably the most important factor that weakens our immune system, since it affects our sleep, causes cravings for alcohol, nicotine, sugar and drugs and affects our gut lining and ability to maintain a healthy microbiome (healthy bacteria population) and absorb our nutrients. Do anything you can to avoid or limit exposure to stress and minimize its impact on your health!

Obviously, our immune system will be stronger if we avoid alcohol, smoking or vaping or using nicotine products, eating a healthy diet rich in fresh wholesome foods, getting a good night sleep and maintaining good hygiene practices for ourselves and for our household.

What are the supplements or vitamins that we can take to strengthen our immune system

It is widely known vitamin C strengthens and boosts a normal, stronger immune response. It is a powerful antioxidant as well. It is best absorbed on an empty stomach with an acidic acid environment. Hot/warm water with fresh squeezed lemon is a great alternative.

Taking a good quality multivitamin provides good nutrients for the cells involved in the immune response. Adding coQ 10 and omega 3 as well as NAC helps provide more fuel for the mitochondria, the engine the drives normal function for all cells in our human body including those involved in the immune response. 

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Vitamin D3 supports and protects the immune system. If you are not regularly taking it please consider starting with 10,000 units daily for a month and then 5000 units a day. Having good levels of vitamin D is rare, as most people spend a lot of time indoors and do not supplement.

Turmeric is a powerful natural anti-inflammatory that also has anticancer properties and strengthens a normal immune response against all types of attacks, including viruses.

There are many other natural supplements that boost and support a normal immune response like echinacea, Cordyceps, and certain types of mushrooms.

Gluthathione is a powerful antioxidant and supplementing it when needed can also help the immune system.

Supporting a healthy liver function and minimizing toxic burden in the body can also help strenghten our immune system.

Acupuncture and stress reduction techniques like meditation, yoga, breathing techniques and other forms of healthy exercise can help support a strong and healthy immune system. 

For our patients please feel free to call us for more recommendations, as not all recommendations apply to everyone. Please be aware that sometimes 1 oz of prevention is worth 1000 lbs of cure!

None of the statements above have been evaluated by the FDA and they are meant as a general educational resource and they are not a recommendation for specific treatment.


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